SOS Finder Head Office
250 Dubois Street
Saint-Eustache (Quebec) J7P 4W9

Phone: 514 768-3888
Toll Free: 1 866 768-2388
Fax: 1 866 551-5383

About Us

SOS Finder is a family-owned business created in February of 2010. It designs tracking devices for the general public to help find lost objects.

Its products are carefully inspected and must meet several criteria. They must be useful, easy to use, reliable, and inexpensive. All our devices have one main objective - to make your life easier on a daily basis.

SOS Finder was mostly created to help people who regularly lose personal objects. We believe that searching for lost objects (whether important or otherwise) is a waste of time.

Our devices will help you find, in the blink of an eye, objects such as:

Find quickly objects like cellphone, keys, MP3 player and remote control

To discover the advantages of using our tracking devices or to simply understand how they work, please visit the “Store” section, where you can find the technical specifications for our main product - the BuzzFinder.