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2011 CES: Quebecers to the rescue, Jean-Michel Vanasse, MSN Techno, january 8th 2011

september 29, 2011

Many Québec-based companies can be found at the 2011 CES.  For example, ExoPC can be found at the Intel stand. Sensio can be found next to the biggest names of the industry.  But for some companies currently in expansion, this is their first experience.  That is the case of SOS Finder, a company from St-Eustache, who almost didn't make it to the 2011 CES.

Before we tell you why they almost missed this great rendezvous, let me tell you more about this company's main product.  The BuzzFinder is a small gadget that helps you find lost objects such as a cell phone, a remote control or even keys.  Basically, all you need to do is to hook up a small tracking device to any object you lose on a regular basis.  A small remote control will allow you to locate the lost object if it is within a range of 200 feet. An 85 dB sound will be heard once you press on the remote control's button.  Afraid to lose the remote control? Don't worry; SOS Finder has put two remote controls in every box.

The BuzzFinder distinguishes its self from other similar gadgets with its look.  Some models have jewels on them, which makes them look more feminine.  Others are more masculine with their carbon fibre finish.

The BuzzFinder is presented for the first time to the public at the 2011 CES.  SOS Finder is such a new company; their products were actually delivered a few days ago, between Christmas and New Year's Day. The company's website was launched on the first day of this year's CES. In spite of everything it's almost impossible to tell SOS Finder is such a young company. At the stand, the employees know what they are talking about and look proud to make demonstrations.  Not so bad for a company who didn't have a product in their hands two weeks ago.

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